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Who is running Digital Leaders?

Fabian Tausch hosts the Digital Leaders Podcast.
I am a 22-year old entrepreneur living in Berlin who has built one of the most successful German podcasts for young entrepreneurs.
At one point, the German industry felt small and comfortable why I decided to challenge myself further and interview on an international base.
My intention has always been to scale the knowledge of thought-leaders and make it accessible for young people.
That’s why I am focusing on interviewing the Digital Leaders of today to educate the Digital Leaders of tomorrow.

Together with the CODE University of Applied Sciences
I am running the Young Entrepreneurs’ Program to support the most talented young entrepreneurs between 17 and 23 years old as much as possible.

Feel free to reach out on me on any possible platform if you have ideas and feedback for the podcast.
Maybe you also have some people that you admire and would love to hear in the podcast.

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